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Guess what!?  I am about 2 weeks away from launching the Ultimate Instant Pot Beginner Handout!!  I am so excited to share this with you!!  It has taken me a little longer than I would have wanted, but there is so much love jam-packed into 10 pages with tons of helpful tidbits!!  There are so many moving parts and pieces that need to be in place before it goes live on Etsy and I am working hard to make it all happen!  I have also decided to offer a printed version and a gift version so you can kick back and relax and I'll have it shipped directly to you and your loved ones! Honestly this has been such a fun journey so far and I eagerly await to hear your feedback once you get your hands on one!  xoxo :: cody cakes
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Instant Pot "help me" handouts - work in progress!!

Happy New Year!! My Instant Pot doodle pages are a work in progress.  I'm working on a few more and trying to get all the handy tips and tricks and what the @#$% is this problems into a doodle format! I'm trying to hurry but we have lots going on with the last of our family visiting from the holidays leaving this week.  I'm trying to take care of our rental unit and find new tenants and of course, keeping the toddler princess occupied and happy.  All the while, trying to have dinner on the table for us after a long day!! I will be selling this on Etsy, however I promise to keep it affordable! So, it's coming, I just don't have a defined timeline.  Thanks for your patience and understanding
I doodle all the time.  Especially now that I have a toddler who loves to do everything fun, we draw a lot!!  I've never once thought "I can draw".  It's just doodles!!  But the Instant Pot Community on Facebook gave me an overwhelming response to my doodles and they made me up my game! It's 10 common mistakes and reasons why your IP won't come to pressure.  I thought it would be fun to give to my family members who are getting an IP from Santa this year.  I realized that unboxing and thinking of giving the IP a try can be so intimidating and wanted it to be fun! My first draft really is just that... So I thought I'll make it better! Cuter! And in drawing it for the 2nd time, it really made me realize that I CAN draw!  Call me crazy, but I now I know! I have serious reservations giving you something that isn't up to my standards, but I realize I'm working under the time crunch of Christmas being right around the corner! HERE'S THE LINK to DEED #2

When I wear my bracelet, I look at it and think, "what good can I do today?"  Here's the rules of the game:  A "good deed" means we've gone out of our way to help someone and it only counts if the deed remains anonymous.  The kicker is the word "ANONYMOUS". Google says:  a·non·y·mous adjective (of a person) not identified by name; of unknown name. synonyms: unnamed, of unknown name, nameless, incognito, unidentified, unknown, unsourced, secret Sooo maybe I put a little too much thought into being anonymous...  I can't tell anyone my name.  Got it! ...There goes a black dog, running down the street at 730pm...  There I go, fumbling for a leash and running after it!  Calling me an animal lover is an understatement.  My heart breaks a million times when I see a loose dog running on the side of the road... I'll call Eric crying because I couldn't catch it... or I'll call him to tell him there's a dog in our laundry DEED #1

A few weeks ago, I met an incredible woman.  Her name is Mary Fisher .  She was on a short vacation and I was her Cabana Host for the day.  I didn't poke and prod as much as I wanted to, but the small conversation we did have was very heartwarming and genuine.  She told me she made jewelry and showed me her bead bracelet she was wearing. She told me that she taught women in Africa how to make these bracelets.  And the purchase of these bracelets employ these women (who wouldn't otherwise have a source of income) and pays for the cost of the supplies.  WHOA, the most simple idea made the biggest impact on these woman's lives- how amazing!!   The bracelet actually has a purpose as well!!  It's called 100 Good Deed s.  For every anonymous deed you move the rubber ring over to the next bead.  There are 100 beads for every deed and essentially acts as a counter.  Wearing the bracelet is a constant reminder of doing good- and yet another simple idea has made the

asian lettuce wraps

Anyone who grew up in Hawaii, or knows of anyone from Hawaii - knows that we LOVE our white rice.  You eat it with everything- which includes spaghetti, sloppy joes, eggs, putting it in ramen- yikes!!  It comes with every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner...  In an honest effort to eat 'healthy' I'm trying to decrease my rice intake and decided to make lettuce wraps for dinner. YUM-O!   This is going into the dinner rotation for sure!! First of all, I apologize for my cheesy screen shot of my Instagram- but I posted the pic and then deleted it!  Second of all I apologize for being too lazy to edit and crop the darn photo.  Third of all, I apologize for not taking more pics!   I swear that it was darn amazing.  Eric told me he'd definitely eat this again!  And the best part is that this recipe can be altered to suit anyone's taste!!  I used shrimp, tofu and quinoa as my main sources of protein.  You can find the recipe on   Here's

wrapping with lace

A wonderful someone emailed me asking a few questions about my post " bridal shower gift: wine glasses and a wine basket " and mentioned it would be for her daughter's wedding favors.  She wants to wrap the favors similarly to the way I wrapped the boxes.  Assuming the favors would be much smaller I decided to do some research to show her examples of smaller lace-wrapped boxes and wanted to share my findings. Blogger: Such Pretty Things has a wonderful tidbit on Paper Lace Favors  - and the textured paper she uses adds such a delicate detail to the presentation. (photos courtesy of: Such Pretty things ) I also found one of the greatest inventions to add to a gift-wrappers arsenal- Lace Tape - WHHAAATT?!  Yes I said it, tape with a lace design on it!!  And most are decently priced!! This one is like a sticker- found on Amazon .com (photo courtesy of: oyang ) This one is actual lace- found on Etsy - ships from South Korea (photo courtesy of: fallind