Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Heart Lolli-Cakes

 I FINALLY got a chance to take photos of my step-by-step Lolli-Cakes, just in time for Valentine's Day!  Everyone at the office LOVED them- and said they were moist and yummy!  I was so exhausted at the end of it all, I didn't get to taste it- probably better anyway; my muffin top is big enough!!  

Bake your cake as directed on the box.  Let it cool completely.  I crumbled half of the cake and added half a block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (other brands just don't work right).  Later I did the remaining cake and cream cheese.

You can use utensils, I prefer my hands!!  ...Don't worry I'm a germ-a-phobe and I washed my hands very, very well with HOT water!

Your mixture shouldn't be crumb-y.  It should have the texture of cookie dough.  What you're looking for is a smooth, non-lumpy, semi-sticky mixture.  I'll tell you why in a bit...

I'm mad I forgot to take a photo of the packaging, but this is a Wilton brand cookie cutter from Michael's (my favorite craft store that emails me 40% coupons 1x/week).  There are 3 different sized heart cutters in the package, this is the 2nd to the smallest.  I'm glad I had a manicure and my nails look good! Haha.

With a fist full of cake, I flattened it out just about the height of my cutter.

Here's the MOST important step!!  Press down on the cake (inside the cookie cutter) to pack the cake and make it dense.  If the cake level isn't as high as the cookie cutter, break off excess from the side and press it in!  It's important to pack it because it'll crumble apart later in the process and all your hard work, will end up in crumbs!  It's also important to make sure that both sides of the cake is smooth because the candy melts make a thin coat and are senstive to lumps, cracks and holes.    

Carefully push the cake out.  

Put your completed hearts in your freezer for a minimum of 15 minutes.  This helps keep your cake firm for the next step.  **note** You can also make them a day in advance, wrap them well (so they don't dry out) and freeze them over night.  **note** you can easily make 50 hearts with 1 cake mix.  While you finish making all of your hearts and waiting for them to freeze.... can prepare your candy melts.  I bought pink and white Candy Melts from Michael's- they have a ton of colors!  **note** I realized white candy melts warrant preferably white cake mix- it's fairly thin and the color shows through.

Read the instructions on the best way to melt your candy melts.  I use the "defrost" mode in 30 second intervals.  If you over heat these, they will form clumps- and we don't want clumps!!  **note* try not to stir the melted candy TOO much, this will create air bubbles and ultimately, holes in your creation!  I used a small glass so I wouldn't have to melt a ton of candy all at once.  Be sure to have enough melted candy, so it will cover the entire heart in one dip.

Remove a batch of cake from the freezer and place your lollipop stick half way into your heart cake mix.  

ARGH! Sorry about the bad quality photo, I turned the flash off, thinking it would be better...and I didn't retake the photo!  Anyway... In one swift dip, cover the entire lollicake. 

In a 45 degree angle, I tap the stick on the cup, trying to get the excess coating to drip off.  About every 3-4 taps, I rotate the heart.  You'll notice all the clumping to one side and you want it to be a nice even, thin layer.  You'll also  find that the coating will start to harden in about 15 seconds.  So work swiftly and tap gently (or the heart may break -and we don't want that!).  **note** re-heat your cup of candy melts after each 3 or 4 lollicakes you make.

I put the finished ones in another cup, however a Styrofoam block would probably be ideal.  Either way, anything to keep them upright while they completely harden and dry.  

I used drippings of the opposite color to make some abstract designs and used sprinkles on some.  There are endless designs you can make!!  I then covered them with lollipop bags.

Here's the finished product!!  It was a fun project and I'm excited to start my next one....Mini wedding cakes for my cousin's wedding shower, that I'm Fed Ex-ing to Seattle!! Stay tuned for more!!!


  1. Looks good Cody! Nice nails... is it really your hand or did you hire a hand model stand in? Hahaha.

    BTW, we're in LV now!

  2. I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to try them. They were AMAZING. I really enjoyed them. I didn't want to eat them because they looked so cute but once I tried one, it made me want some more. I'm going to try and make them myself and hope that they come out like yours. Thank you.