Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wedding Lollicakes

My Baby Cousin has a wedding shower this weekend in Seattle.  Unfortunately, I can't make it, so I FedEx'ed a package of these cutsie wedding lollicakes!!  I wrapped them individually and wrapped them in bubble wrap, so my fingers are crossed and I really REALLY hope they get there safely!!

Because I was trying to work on a tight schedule, I didn't get to take photos of my steps, but I PROMISE I'll get around to it!!

I used a circle cookie cutter (about 1 inch diameter) and a smaller circle cookie cutter (about 1/2 inch diameter).  I froze them over night and actually had an easier time working with it on the stick.  I dipped them in white candy melt and let them dry.  Then I piped a line of white candy melt at the base of each and covered it with non pariels.  The non pariels actually made a WORLD of difference!!  

I'll let you know if it arrives safely on Thursday!!  

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