Friday, April 30, 2010

A Hamburger Happy Birthday Celebration


Today was my co-worker, Jose, birthday.  I was inspired by his love of food and his so-called "diet," which included burritos, pizza and Carl's Jr.  It also tied in perfectly with the crinkle cut fries that I studied in the book I bought "What's New Cupcake" and thanks to Bakerella, mimicked her hamburger idea! 

Here's what I did:
I used box yellow cake and cut off the tops of each muffin = buns.

I buttered the top and sprinkled sesame seeds for a more realistic look

I used brownies baked in the cupcake pan (without the liners) = hamburger

I used green airheads (8 seconds microwave and flattened with a roller, then made wavy by hand) = lettuce

I used red airheads (round cookie cutter) = tomatoes

I used frozen, store-bought pound cake, cut off the outer, browned edges, cut 1/4 inches and toasted in toaster oven = french fries (What's New Cupcake book recommends using a crinkle cut vegetable cutter for crinkle cut fries!)

(real ketchup)

I wish I had taken more photos at different angles, but I forgot my camera (this is my camera phone) and I was working- so I couldn't have a photo shoot opportunity- boo!

Thank you to all of my lovely co-workers who said wayyyy too many kind...overly kind words and complements!  It was easy to make, despite it looking pretty complicated and I honestly believe anyone could have done it!  It was SUPER fun and it was a GREAT way to express myself, my inspiration, and a fabulous end to the month!  I promise to be better about photo documenting next month!!

Happy Baking & Happy Birthday Jose!

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  1. Woah sounds almost like my diet!! You are making some awesome cupcakes! I wish I could eat some. :) Jose's a lucky Guy!