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Sushi at Home

It's been a long while since I've made sushi at home, because my home in Las Vegas, didn't have a sushi mat!  I haven't stepped foot in an Asian Market YET, although it's been TWO years!  I swear some day, I'll go- because I've been wanting to make some Butter Mochi!!!

Kathy was super sweet to think of me when she found the Sushi Mat and mailed it to me!  And Mom and Gram are always sending care packages with Nori and other yummy Hawaii treats!  I already had Imitation Crabmeat and Cucumbers on hand.  Prepare crabmeat with mayonaise (I added pepper and a dash of salt) and slice the cucumbers into long strips.  I love cucumbers so I cut them pretty thick!

I transferred 2 cups of cooked rice to a container about 10 minutes after the rice was fully cooked.  I added approximately 2 tablespoons of Sushi Vinegar and folded the rice until well mixed.  You can add more Sushi Vinegar based on your taste- but don't add too much or it'll get a little sour!  

I put a piece of Nori=Seaweed on the Sushi Mat, shiny side down.  (You'll notice one side of the Nori is shiny, the other grainy and dull)  I used about 1/3 cup of sushi rice and spread it, very thin on the Nori with the backside of a spoon.  **Leave one end of the Nori (about 1/2 inch) with NO rice, this is where you'll seal the Nori to keep it from unrolling**

I added the cucumber and the crabmeat mixture- a heaping 1/4 cup.

If you lift the mat up and curve it over the sushi, it'll force the sushi to roll into the circular, round shape.  

Help the sushi keep the shape by tucking the end (nearest you) in once it reaches the opposite side. 

Unroll the the mat.  You will see the flap of the Nori (where you didn't put the rice).  Using water, wet the tip of your finger and moisten the entire edge of the Nori.  Moistened Nori will stick to dry Nori- thus creating a seal that will stick together!  

 Roll sushi in the mat again, to ensure it is sealed.

If there are bits and pieces sticking out at the edges...

...gently hold the mat vertical to the table and let the sushi roll drop down.  Keeping the mat in the same position, tap the sushi a few times on the table and repeat for the opposite side.  

When cutting your sushi roll, be sure to use a lightly moistened knife, as this will ensure a clean cut and will prevent the rice from sticking to your knife.   I would recommend letting the sushi roll sit for about 10 minutes before cutting to ensure it will keep shape and the rice has firmed up a little.  If you are not going to eat the sushi right away, you can leave them uncut until ready to serve.

You can use many different ingredients in your sushi roll including but not limited to:
Kamaboko (fish cake)

Get creative and have some fun!


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