Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Karlee!

It's a GIANT Hershey Kiss Cake!!

Sorry guys, I wish I would have taken the step by step pics, but I was short on time and semi-worried it wouldn't turn out (me being paranoid)... But it worked out perfectly!  I wrapped it in foil for a more authentic look!

Happy Birthday Karlee!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Extraordinary Desserts, San Diego

I have to be a mini cheerleader for Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego.  BOY OH BOY is it worth it!!  Once you step inside, your mouth will water, your jaw will drop at its awesome beauty, and I can guarantee you won't be able to choose which one you want!!!  

With two locations, Little Italy and Boca Park ... you just have to go!!

I heard that the venue in Boca Park is a bit smaller than Little Italy (shown in picture), but it's just SO cool (probably because this is how my dessert shop looks like in my dreams).  

A photo doesn't do it's justice, each dessert made with so much care!!   Each dessert looks like a flower arrangement with  roses, flowers, fresh fruit and a spec of gold...  Extraordinary!!

How could you eat this work of art?!?  It's so beautiful!  And OMG melt in your mouth, utterly delicious, pure goodness!!
It's as good as it looks, believe me!!

And if this is what heaven looks like, then I can't WAIT!

Chocolate Balloons?!?

Inspired by my recent visit to Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy, San Diego, I decided to go bonkers with balloons!  I referred to Bakerella's Pudding Cups for a little more instruction (I needed hand-holding) because the thought of a balloon popping crossed my mind....

I took Bakerella's advice and used water balloons that I bought from the $1 store (LOVE that place!).  

I washed each of them (you can never be too clean!!)

Before dipping into warm chocolately goodness, spray a very light coat of vegetable oil or you risk balloon fragments stuck in your chocolate shell.

I was UBER excited to use my Wilton Chocolate Pro that my [super great] sister got me for my birthday.  The thought of the balloon popping crossed my mind again- but my excitement erased that thought!!

It's not necessary to make all the excess chocolate drip off, because we'll need it to puddle at the bottom of the balloon to make a stable base - see below -

Give it time to dry - be patient!  With a scissors, a small snip at the top of the balloon (directly under the knot) as you hold it will deflate the balloon.  As it deflates, it'll migrate towards the bottom of your chocolate shell.  Be gentle and carefully peel the last of the balloon from the bottom.

I didn't have anything else to put in my chocolate shell/cup!!  I would have made pudding, but we wouldn't have ate it...  Let your imagination fill it with whatever you want!!!  

...as I initially thought about using a bowl for my chocolate, my urge to use my NEW chocolate melting pot got the best of me.  As the chocolate remained on the "warm" setting, it was too hot for my balloon, POP!!!  ...DARN...  I shouldda knew!!

...but it made me laugh...  and laugh and laugh again because it took me THREE popping balloons to finally give up!!

Bear stayed far, far away from the kitchen.  It's a good thing because chocolate was EVERYWHERE, on the walls, floor, ceiling, all over me, the plants...   (that's not chocolate in his ear- it's a BEARthMark - haha)

So another balloon project was piping chocolate all over half of the balloon.  

Doesn't it look cool already?!?  Aaahh, the suspense....  ...will it work?!?

There it is!!!  It worked!!  A Chocolate dome!!!

I put it together to be a chocolate egg (the grapes are inside).  Cool huh!?!

Despite the mess, I'm glad it worked!!  I have a few more ideas to improve my presentation.  I'll try again when I'm in the cleaning mood- because popping balloons with chocolate all over doesn't sound like much fun anymore!!

stop thinking...start doing!!  Give it a try!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm SO Excited!

...I just can't hide it!!...  Really--- I'm totally singing that song in my head!!

I just pre-purchased Bakerella's Cake Pop book, I've been waiting for gosh, I don't know how long!


Scheduled delivery around mid-September.  Can't WAIT!  More to come!

p.s. I'm really sorry for the lack of posts!!  ARGH, I have to find more time!! xoxoxo