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Random Cool Finds

So every-so-often I come across something really cool, UNIQUE, different, fUnKY, fun, OR boutique-ish and I want to tell SOMEONE, anyone really...  I'm a dork when it comes to kitchen things or things that make life EASY- it makes me excited and all giggly.  My last kitchen purchase was a KitchenAid can opener- I immediately went home and opened a can of corn.. ALLL rightttt- I'm a DORK- I KNOW!

AnywhoOoO while I was looking for birthday gifts for my BFF and Sister, I stumbled across:

It's called Bag Lady Urbano Eco Can and comes in different colors.  It's an ingeneous trash can that allows you to recycle your grocery bags in a neat and organized (those words excite me!) way.  You loop the handles of the bags on the cut-out portion of the Eco Can and when you're ready for another one- there's no need to fish them out from under the sink- it's waiting at the bottom for you!!!  Partially uber excited because the Boyfriend NEVER puts in a new bag... sigh...  …

A Monkey Birthday party for Kayden!

Happy Birthday Kayden!
I was tasked with a Monkey Themed birthday party for Kayden.  The ideas were endless and oh-so exciting!   Seeing that I'm still a beginner with fondant, I decided to take a stab at it for a second time.  I wans't too sure how long it would take so I used the weekend before the party to get the banana leafs done (although in retrospect, it would have probably been better to do them last minute).  
I tinted the white Fondant (that's all I had on hand) and rolled it out.  I was very inclined to roll it out very thin, I have no idea why?
I'm not sure what the fondant experts say about my use of a knife to cut my banana leaf, but it worked like a charm!
I accented the leaves with a few cuts on the edges.
I scored the middle of the leaf.
And again, with not a pocket full of fondant tools, I used the back of a butter knife to make some accent lines to the leaf.  (haha, I'm very resourceful, what can I say?)
Each leaf was left to hang over the edge of the …

Cinnamon Chocolate Scones

I bought a mini scone pan from Williams Sonoma Outlet at Prim.  I was so excited to try something new!!  I'm not much of a scone fan and I've only tried it at Starbucks...

They didn't rise too much.  Utilizing the pan to bake scones resulted in a crispy outside and flaky inside.  I'm curious to know what the texture would have been like had I used a cookie sheet instead -I'll be sure to test it out next time!

I used a highly rated recipe from called: Grandma Johnson's Scones.  It's a great base to start; the possibilities are endless and you can add anything your heart desires - cranberries, blueberries, dried fruit, citrus zest...

Ingredients1 cup sour cream1 teaspoon baking soda4 cups all-purpose flour1 cup white sugar2 teaspoons baking powder1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar1 teaspoon salt1 cup butter1 egg1 cup raisins (optional) Directions

Chocolate Cookies - CAKE

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AARON! Today is my team mate and co-worker's birthday.  He LOVES anything with chocolate cookies.  Crunchy chocolate cookies to be exact.  There were several cookie-cake options that came to mind- like a giant cookie (on a pizza pan) but that's an easy answer!!  Another co-worker of mine, Molli had suggested stacking the cookies to create a box like-cake-shape with the cookies.  What a unique idea!!  And the best part was that it was assembled in about 30 minutes!  By far, the quickest assembly yet!  (The fondant bow took a few days of prep- but easy!)
To create the cookie cake, I purchased two bags of Chocolate Chip Cookies - Crunchy cookies (I sorta believe that the crunchy ones have a little more stability than chewy).  I also purchased store bought chocolate frosting.  For your first row, be sure to put icing on the bottom of the cookie so it stabilizes the base- it won't slide or move in the tray.  Frost the top of each cookie prior to stacking them on to…

Thank you for my Birthday Gifts!

I felt SO special on my Birthday!  Thank you to everyone for making it such a great start to my 28th year!!   My best friend heard that I got an Ice Cream maker so she sent me Williams Sonoma ice cream starters, chocolate powder and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. (Thank you Sheena!)  ...And there's Bear in the back, he's pouting because I'm so excited about my goodies and of course, I'm not paying attention to him!
My co-workers, Jose, Susan and Emma got me a William's Sonoma Gift card and so did Eric's Mom (Thank you for supporting my Williams Sonoma addiction!)!!  That was put to good use because I bought some things I've been wanting but never got around to buying yet! I got a Bundt Pan, Mini Bundt Pans, Scone Pan, some cheap knives that we desperately need, paste food coloring and black sugar (that is seasonal to Halloween and I won't find throughout the year).. And the best part, I still have money left over on my gift card!!  Whoo Hoo!!

I'm so Lucky…