Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Monkey Birthday party for Kayden!

Happy Birthday Kayden!

I was tasked with a Monkey Themed birthday party for Kayden.  The ideas were endless and oh-so exciting!   Seeing that I'm still a beginner with fondant, I decided to take a stab at it for a second time.  I wans't too sure how long it would take so I used the weekend before the party to get the banana leafs done (although in retrospect, it would have probably been better to do them last minute).  

I tinted the white Fondant (that's all I had on hand) and rolled it out.  I was very inclined to roll it out very thin, I have no idea why?

I'm not sure what the fondant experts say about my use of a knife to cut my banana leaf, but it worked like a charm!

I accented the leaves with a few cuts on the edges.

I scored the middle of the leaf.

And again, with not a pocket full of fondant tools, I used the back of a butter knife to make some accent lines to the leaf.  (haha, I'm very resourceful, what can I say?)

Each leaf was left to hang over the edge of the cake pan that I'll use to bake the cake.  And here's where I went wrong, because the fondant dried on the straight edges, not anticipating that my cake wouldn't be as nearly as level or perfect as the cake pan. 

 Here's the finished leaves, I added a little more tint to the left over green fondant to have different shades of green.  And also made the rest of the accessories.

And here's the monkey, cake topper complete!

And at the very last minute I wrote his name in fondant circles.  I had other ideas, but didn't have enough time to do it.

In addition to the cake, I found this mold at Michael's- How FUN is this?!  I knew what a tedious task I was getting myself into, but what the heck- it's worth a shot!!  With all the different colors, it was a tiny bit time-consuming, each tray took me about 30 minutes (I only bought one tray).  BUT the end result- PHENOMENAL!!

How super cute is this?!

I dotted the eyes with edible marker.

I found it a little therapeutic, in a sense.  I had to concentrate so hard on remembering the layers of colors and remelting each color!  Fun stuff!

What are these cute little one inch monkeys doing?!  Birthday Mom ordered these online.  How friggen cute?!  (a few people asked if I made these- are you Kiddin' me?! haha)

Chocolate and banana muffins- YUMMY!  I stuck each in a bit of chocolate so they would be stable and they would stay upright.

I made a smash cake for Kayden with a few too!


There's the Birthday Boy with a little help from his dad!  Needless to say, Kayden reaches over his head to give his dad a taste, all over his face!  It was a smash cake indeed, and ended up the face of the cutie-pa-tootie next to him!

Birthday Mom had made some of the cutest tissue pom-poms to decorate the pavilion at the park. So festive!

And if you're curious about the cake flavor... Red Velvet with Cheesecake layers and whipped vanilla frosting!  

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