Saturday, September 25, 2010

Random Cool Finds

So every-so-often I come across something really cool, UNIQUE, different, fUnKY, fun, OR boutique-ish and I want to tell SOMEONE, anyone really...  I'm a dork when it comes to kitchen things or things that make life EASY- it makes me excited and all giggly.  My last kitchen purchase was a KitchenAid can opener- I immediately went home and opened a can of corn.. ALLL rightttt- I'm a DORK- I KNOW!

AnywhoOoO while I was looking for birthday gifts for my BFF and Sister, I stumbled across:

It's called Bag Lady Urbano Eco Can and comes in different colors.  It's an ingeneous trash can that allows you to recycle your grocery bags in a neat and organized (those words excite me!) way.  You loop the handles of the bags on the cut-out portion of the Eco Can and when you're ready for another one- there's no need to fish them out from under the sink- it's waiting at the bottom for you!!!  Partially uber excited because the Boyfriend NEVER puts in a new bag... sigh...  Super cool website:

and then I also found these super unique Wine Glass Top Appetizer Plates - OMG what a great housewarming gift RIGHT??!!!?!?!

What GENIUS thought of this!?!  Because we've all been STUCK with no table to park our Wine Glass and the other hand with a mini plate full of DE-lish food and not an extra hand to help shovel the food in your mouth!!  And isn't it hilarious (OK so I'm mean- but I don't laugh out loud!) to see someone trying to balance their plate with their glass in the same hand?!  Of course, there's the plate that also seat your glass (see below), but this is WAY more unique- much more thoughtful!  Check it out at

Wrapables Cocktail Party Plates
Okay, so here they are..  Cocktail Party Plates. BUT these are WAY cute...  and check out the set it comes in:

Wrapables Cocktail Party Plates 2
Aaawww, look at these nice words "You're fun to be with" and "We feel lucky to know you".  Check it out at

OK OK and my last cool find that has NOTHING to do with the kitchen and EVERYTHING to do with presentation:  Personalized Wrapping Paper!!!
Silver Formal Gift Wrap
So it doesn't come in a bunch of colors or designs, BUT how COOL is that?!?  You can write something really personal and that's a GREAT finishing touch to any gift!!!  Check it out at

Happy Shopping all!

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