Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thank you for my Birthday Gifts!

I felt SO special on my Birthday!  Thank you to everyone for making it such a great start to my 28th year!!   My best friend heard that I got an Ice Cream maker so she sent me Williams Sonoma ice cream starters, chocolate powder and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. (Thank you Sheena!)  ...And there's Bear in the back, he's pouting because I'm so excited about my goodies and of course, I'm not paying attention to him!

My co-workers, Jose, Susan and Emma got me a William's Sonoma Gift card and so did Eric's Mom (Thank you for supporting my Williams Sonoma addiction!)!!  That was put to good use because I bought some things I've been wanting but never got around to buying yet!
I got a Bundt Pan, Mini Bundt Pans, Scone Pan, some cheap knives that we desperately need, paste food coloring and black sugar (that is seasonal to Halloween and I won't find throughout the year).. And the best part, I still have money left over on my gift card!!  Whoo Hoo!!

I'm so Lucky to have a Fab sister!!  Thank you Michelle!!  I already used my Melting Pot in my Balloon Blog!! 

Here's a close up of my measuring cups!  Totally LOVE it!!  ...I posted it a while ago as something on my Wish List...  Looks super cute in my kitchen!!

I got an Ice Cream Maker, Cookie Press, and Bread Maker from Stephanie -Eric's Sister!! (ear to ear smile- if you could see my face, thank you Stephanie!!)

I bought these from Ikea during my last trip to San Diego.  They were very cheap -I think it was $1.99- Unless there' another use for these that I'm unaware of, I use it for the bottom of cakes.  I've already used the pink one for the Hershey Kiss Cake.  It seems like the right blog to talk about it! (I heart Ikea!)

My Mom mailed me flowers at work (thank you Mom!).  Look at how pretty these spring flowers are!!!  And those super cute  cupcakes are actually candles- from Susan as well!

My Team at work decorated my office with streamers and happy birthday signs and the best part: baking utensils and kitchen stuff!!  I LOVE it!!

Eric surprised me and took me to M Resort where we got a couples massage, we watched Chef Tina Martini film a food show while we ate a small appetizer she prepared, had lunch at M Buffet, hung out at the pool ... What a relaxing day!!

...and we had dinner at Michael Mina's at Bellagio- our five course meals were to DIE for- so delicious, prepared so perfectly, everything melted in our mouth!!  I forgot my camera all day- boo!!  But I used my camera phone to take a picture of our dessert- the most important part of our meal!!

Thank you for all of my birthday wishes, wonderful cards, super cool gifts, calls, texts, messages -OOHHH I'm so lucky to have wonderful people in my life who shared my special day with me!!!

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