Monday, December 20, 2010

Cookie Exchange!

Another FABULOUS idea that my co-worker Molli has come up with: Cookie Exchange for the office!  I've never participated in one or even heard of it so this was a new and exciting concept for me!  I totally recommend it!!

We altered the "rules" a little, because we knew we'd have a larger group (20) of people participating so here's the rules that we followed:

  • All items should be homemade and baked, no store bought items
  • As long as we could throw it all in a bag, you could bring cookies, bars, chocolate, etc (just no cupcakes or cakey items) 
    • it's harder with a larger group to ONLY have cookies so we allowed non-cookie items
  • Bring 3 dozen (or more)
  • Must print your recipe and bring to the exchange
  • Must RSVP and tell the host what item you're bringing, no duplicates
  • Most Importantly, bring a container to take your cookies home!
And because there was a large group, the rules were: as long as you brought 3 dozen cookies, you could choose 3 dozen worth of cookies to take home.  

It was a GREAT way to try different things and gather more recipes for your collection!

If you have a smaller group of people, you can implement the following rules as well:
  • Present cookies in a tray, platter or basket
  • Cookies only, no cookie mixes or bars
  • Bake a dozen for each person attending the party, packaged and ready for gifting PLUS an extra dozen for you to taste-test and eat as you socialize with coffee, tea, or alcohol!
I bought these giant gingerbread cookies from Trader Joe's so Eric and I decorated them for fun and they joined me at the cookie exchange as a center piece for the table!!

Other items that were on the menu:
Cheesecake brownie with chocolate chips
Chocolate Crinkles
Seven Layer magic Cookie Bars
Chocolate Toffee Cookies
Muddy Buddies
Rice Krispies Treats
Toffee Bars
Oreo Balls

Of course, I made my cake pops...  It was highly requested by my co-workers.

We had a GREAT time and it was enjoyed by all!  Such a fun and great way to EAT JUNK FOOD!!

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  1. Yum - it was amazing - thanks for participating!!