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Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

As I was surfing the web on, Joy The Baker's website popped up...  As if the Heaven's sent me this for a reason, Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread would not leave my mind...  HAVE TO MAKE THIS!!

My photo's don't compare to what Joy has on her blog- I should honestly take the time to make pretty photos!!  
But honestly, this is so yummy, so delicious, I would highly recommend this recipe!  Find it here!
Happy Baking!!  Smiles always!!

I want this Chair!

I've just discovered - it's a great time waster - it captures you and you're HOOKED within minutes!!  It's basically a website that looks at your interests and brings you websites, videos, blogs, etc that matche.  The more you 'like' the suggested pages, the more customized your website choices become.

I've stumbled upon this:

I'm a cuddly person... And this chair would TOTALLY work for us!!  Not only that, it doubles as a table!!  Multi-purpose?!??!!  I LOVE that!!

It's a chair from Yanko Design and is UBER cool in my book!

Trying Something NEW- HTML

If knew how to put a huge "under construction" sign on my page, I would...  I'm trying out a new layout, which is much more labor intensive than my previous 'type-n-post'.  It requires me to fiddle with the HTML code, which, is a foreign language in it's self...

OOHHH BOY, what did I get myself into?

...Anywho, I probably should be baking more and messing around less with the HTML mumbo-jumbo- BUT I'm going to give it a shot and if not, I'll switch it back (I HOPE I know how?!)