Sunday, March 25, 2012

Donut Cake Pops

Trial and error, that's what having fun is all about!  Can you tell what my newest project is??  So I guess I should probably start by telling you that I found a donut cake pan at Marshalls and was SO excited to try it!  I naively forgot that the GOOD donuts are FRIED and not baked- boo; I ended up with cakey donuts and they were just, o-k-a-y...  So I thought about making ice cream donuts!!  I poured one directly into the pan and thought that it might get stuck in the pan (which it did) so I used plastic wrap thinking it would be easier to remove... it got stuck to the plastic wrap...  I was about to give up, stupid donut pan...

I was making cake pops one day and thought, donut cake pops!!!  I put some cake directly into the pan and it got stuck (surprise, surprise!!).  Foil worked perfectly, it molds to the curves and is strong enough for me to be able to pull out!

Press the cake into the mold and lift it out by the pieces of foil that are sticking out.  Peel the foil off of the donut-shaped cake. (IT WORKED!!!)  Instructions to make the cake here.

I put this into the freezer for 30 minutes while I tried to figure out how I was going to get them stay on the stick! 

I figured that I would use the chocolate as 'glue'.  I put the stick in the spot with most chocolate because I knew that the space it would create would be larger.  Then I put it back into the freezer to make sure the chocolate hardened.  I melted the chocolate in the meantime.

The pops that sat out of the freezer for more than 5 minutes ended up falling apart while being dipped in chocolate, so I would advise keeping them in the freezer until it's their turn to be dipped. 

How CUTE are these??!!  Chocolate sprinkles, Rainbow nonpareils and crushed graham cracker sprinkles.  Can't forget that glass of milk!!

There's so many possibilities, different colored donuts, different sprinkles or nuts, different cake on the inside- This was such a fun project! 

And the moral of the story is that ideas are meant to be explored.  No matter how many times it doesn't turn out the way I imagined, I never gave up!  And the result was even better than I expected!  One day, I'd love to have a Cake Pop book published....  Dare to dream BIG and don't give up!

xoxo cody cakes

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