Wednesday, March 7, 2012

it's an EGG! it's CAKE! it's Cake in an Egg!

I find myself addicted to - sign up now if you're not familiar and you'll find yourself tweaking until the wee hours of the morning pinning the coolest DIY project, recipe, party idea, etc. on your virtual pin board!    You can find/follow me: Cody Cakes

While on Pinterest, I came across a photo of an egg with cake in it, which linked me to the website for cupcake project and thought "This is SUPER DUPER cool!" So I sent the link to my mom thinking it would be a fun project to do together!  I also had a "Girl's Day" pink [everything] themed dinner coming up - what a perfect occasion to dye the eggs pink!   (I would also like to add that a pink everything themed dinner was fairly difficult to think up food options. More on that later.)

So here's my cake in an egg process:
I used an old school wine opener (my mom's) to puncture a tiny hole at the bottom of the egg then picked off the surrounding shell to make a hole, a little smaller than a dime.  I tried a pea-sized hole and it was too difficult to get the egg out.  I also used an ice pick to help peel off the egg shells and help get the yolk out.

So here's some samples of my eggs with holes.  The top-middle egg was just pierced with the wine opener.

We emptied the egg's contents in a container for later use (making the cake) and also used several other containers (with 2-3 eggs) so we could use them for baking later in the week.  I made the holes in the egg and my mom emptied the eggs- it's nice to have a second pair of hands (thanks Mom!)!!

Soak the eggs in warm salt water for 30 minutes.  I'm a germ-a-phobe, so I asked my mom to soak them twice.  Then soaked them in a warm baking soda water bath for 30 minutes (Mom's idea) to get the egg-smell out.  However, I presume that baking them would have gotten the egg smell to go away too!

We died the eggs with food coloring.  We followed the instructions from Domestic Simplicity as her instructions of using hot water vs tap water worked WAY better.  The longer you leave the egg in the dye, the darker it gets, hence the several shades of pink.  My mom is a neat-freak (so she folded the foil all pretty) if not, just shove foil inside the cupcake pans to create a nice homey nest for the eggs to sit up-right during baking.  

There's our cake batter.  My mom used a recipe for a lemon sponge cake.  We were worried that regular box cake (straight from the box) would be too airy.  We figured a dense cake would make for a firmer 'egg' and would be easier to take the shell off.  I wanted to use a Zip-Lock bag vs a piping bag to show that you don't need fancy baking equipment to bake!

I should have cut a smaller hole in the Zip-Lock, probably 1/8th of an inch to start.  1/4 of an inch cut was too large for the size of the hole but I made it work!  Fill about 3/4 of the egg.  Cupcake Project instructs that if you under-fill the egg, you'll have room in the egg once it's baked and if you over fill the egg.....

....well, this is what happens...  After pulling them out of the oven, my mom tells me that she forgot this cake rises A LOT.  Oh well, we picked off the cake overflow and wiped off the shell with a damp cloth.

And we had 12 pretty pink eggs for my Girl's Day pink dinner party!  I'm really clumsy, so I'm proud of myself; I didn't break any eggs in the process!

It was a fun treat for everyone to peel their egg!  At first, no one believed there was cake inside!

Isn't this SO cool?!?

I also made Rice Krispies and used the cupcake pan to form the shape!  I didn't frost some because we had some people who thought of frosting as extra calories! (haha, I LOVE my friends!)

Other things on the Pink menu:  Pink Chicken Alfredo (it looked really funky, but tasted the same!), Salmon, Pad Thai noodles, some Hawaii local favorites: Char su chicken (it's actually red-ish), lumpia with dipping sauce that's pink, chi-chi dango and kamaboko dip.  Watermelon salad, Strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar, tomato bisque soup, strawberry refrigerator cake, cupcakes and of course, my pink cake in an egg!  

It was a great dinner with phenomenal company.  Couldn't have asked for more!

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