Sunday, April 8, 2012

LARGE chocolate chip cookies

Lately I've been on a junk food rampage, rummaging through my pantry for something sweet, something else salty, something crunchy, anything that isn't my normal healthy veggies.  I've exhausted my searching (and indulging in a candy binge) and resorted to baking with whatever ingredients I had on hand- cookies!!  

[seriously I'm hoping this nasty craving that's taken over me passes soon or my waistline will be unforgiving]

My eyes are probably larger than my stomach and I made them HUGE!! huge that it takes 20 minutes to bake AND you can only bake 6 per batch! ...sighhh, soooo, it took longer than a normal batch of cookies to bake.

BUT, they are SO delicious!  Totally hit the spot and subsided my junk food craving...for now.

[I should also side-bar here to tell you that I made a major baking NO-NO and answered the phone while putting my ingredients together and added more butter than the recipe called for... so my cookies flattened out more than they should have...lesson learned. No multi-tasking while baking.]

I found the recipe here: The Complete America's Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook
Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies - but they won't let you see the recipe without membership
     [but mine weren't thick because of my butter error]

I'm afraid I can't publish the recipe because of copyright stuff but you can purchase the book USED from Amazon for $9.00 ... Trust me, you'll get your money's worth from this book, it's phenomenal.  AND if you can catch them on PBS, this show is so captivating and you can actually learn a thing or two from them!!

...I just ate THREE of them.  

Happy Eating: oink oink!

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