Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Painting my Craft Room

Our home has been a work in progress and I've been having lots of fun with colors!  I've been surfing the web looking for craft room ideas.  There's SO many great ideas, paint colors, color schemes, organizational ideas, it's endless!!

I knew I wanted a teal blue, turquoise-y, bright fun blue.  I selected three different blue samples and tested them on the wall.

I asked my Facebook and Twitter friends what their color preference was and we all [most of us] chose the same color!

I painted three walls the solid blue.  And one wall would be my striped accent wall (blue and white).  I decided I didn't want uniform sized stripes, so I chose a pattern of 8 inches, 4 inches, 4 inches - alternating blue and white.  I measured my wall, which was 122 3/4 inches in length.  I knew that my last stripe would be a little short of 4 inches (124 inches total) so I decided that stripe would end right above the door; it won't be as noticeable, being such a small area.

...I guess it would be a good time to note that if you want two different colors, you should paint the entire wall one of the colors you want THEN put the tape up for your second color.

I marked my walls with tick marks with a pencil, indicating my 8", 4", 4" measurements.  I did this on the top, middle and bottom of the wall to ensure that I was always taping the correct place.  (Technically, I could have done this several more times to ensure I was always on the right track)  I also made a sort of ruler with an extra piece of tape as another good measure (haha pun intended) to ensure I was always on the right track!  This took a LOT of time, so be prepared and be patient!

The next step isn't much fun either.  It too, also takes time and patience.  But this is the MOST important step and very crucial for super straight, clean lines once the tape comes off.  This is especially important if your walls are textured.  You can find a paintable caulking that is available at your local hardware store.  Looks like this (you'll also need to purchase the apparatus to put the caulk in):

Follow the manufacturers instructions or ask the workers at your hardware store.  I LOVE my local Home Depot, they are very friendly and helpful!  Also factor in time to allow the caulking to dry per the instructions.  It makes a HUGE difference.

Now for the fun part, painting!  Make sure you paint every other line.  A few rooms before this project I learned the hard way, that you MUST pull the tape off while the paint is still WET!  Once the paint on the tape dries, it hardens and is difficult to pull off the wall.  Additionally, it could pull off pieces of paint and ruin your hard work caulking.

Here is my finished project!  Whoo hoo!! I was so excited and so pleased with the outcome!  It was so fun to do this project from an idea to reality!

Here's the adjacent wall with my quote-artwork that I'll find a home for once I buy a stud-finder.

I guess it would be a great time to mention that I found a desk on  I'm not pleased with the color, so I'm trying to figure out how I can change it up [ideas welcome].  I'm also not happy that the corner piece doesn't fully go to the corner of the wall- so I'll have to figure that out... I guess that's what I get for $75!!  It also takes up a lot of space in my tiny room, but I'd rather have lots of table space for all of my projects!

Happy Painting!! xoxo


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