Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Williams-Sonoma "New Flavors for Vegetables"

At the Nevada and California border there is my favorite outlet mall.  It's my favorite outlet because there is a Williams-Sonoma outlet.  There are always great sales and deals going on, so I like to stop by, ohhhhh once a month...

I decided to get this recipe book because it was half off.  $11!!  Go get the book!

I've never purchased a recipe book that

  1. I didn't have to purchase special ingredients
  2. Each recipe is so quick and easy; no complicated utensils or cooking apparatus's 
  3. I've actually made more than half the recipes
  4. I've actually made more than half the recipes AND liked it!!
Being a part-time vegetarian (I eat seafood) it's often hard to find TASTY vegetable recipes.  It's always the same stir-fry...  Additionally, I'm always curious about all of those vegetables at Trader Joe's and not have any recipes or the know-how to make it.  This entire book has Trader Joe's written all over it- it's all of those vegetables!!

I made wok seared baby bok choy with chili oil and garlic. 

I added mushrooms...because I LOOOOOOVEEE mushrooms!!!  I add mushrooms to EVERYTHING, I love them so much.  And it was deeeelicious!

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