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bang bang shrimp

There was a restaurant called Bonefish...  Then it closed...  They had a shrimp dish called: Bang Bang Shrimp, which was my FAV...  Then I had none...  But I found a recipe on Fake Ginger via Pinterest!!  And OH MY is it Yummy!!! 
It takes a while because you have to dip the shrimp, then fry, then coat with the sauce.. But it's well worth it! The best part is you can add more Siracha to make it more spicy!!  I took the advice of some others who suggested dipping the shrimp in corn starch before the egg/flour mixture and added 1/4 cup of sweet chili sauce to the mixture. I also made the entire 2 LB bag of frozen shrimp and had more than enough sauce for all of it. SOoOooooo  Good!!!   Get the recipe here!

photo booth props

As a graduation gift, we thought that a photo booth would be a fun and memorable way to congratulate Eric's Brother.  He'll be headed to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to continue with his passion of being a pilot.

In addition to some fun props, I made some call-outs and mustache's to dress up the photos.  Everything was made on Foam Boards that I purchased from Wal-Mart and cut with an Exacto Knife.  Cutting was the most difficult part; more curves are more hard!!  I purchased Dowels from Michael's, they measure 3/16 x 12 inches and glued with a glue gun.  The call-outs were hand drawn.  The mustache's were printed from and was super-duper helpful!!  There are a ton of other free printables so check it out! 

Say Cheese!!

raspberry chocolate torte

This one came out better than the last one!  This raspberry chocolate torte is rich and heavy.  It's chocolately, but not too sweet because it's bittersweet chocolate which pairs perfectly with the raspberry filling.

Oddly enough, it tastes better a day old, once the flavors are able to set and the torte soaks up some moisture from the chocolate ganache. And BOYYY is it worth the wait!!

Perfect with a glass of milk or hot coffee, my oh my!!

...Yet another one I'm adding to my menu!!  ...Now accepting orders!!

whipped cream frosting

This recipe is a keeper!!  It has a taste lighter than marshmallows, is super airy and light and just enough cream to let the red velvet shine.  It's consistency is very soft, but it doesn't lose too much of it's shape once piped- weird but awesome at the same time!

Sorry, can't share the recipe because it's going to be added to my menu!!

On to the next recipe experiment!!