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healthy shakes for breakfast

We recently purchased a refurbished Vitamix from  We chose refurbished because it came with a 7 year warranty and didn't think we needed a quieter version that was worth the additional $300 price tag.  Besides a few finger prints on the stainless steel, it works perfectly!  Eric and I talk about how this purchase is probably our best home purchase yet; we use it EVERYDAY!!

I make a smoothie everyday as a breakfast replacement, which is actually a much healthier, much more filling breakfast than my normal banana or Pop Tart.  Because I don't eat meat, I lack iron therefore bruise very easily; and normally stay for a month or so.  But I've noticed after 2 months of smoothies, my bruises only stay for about two weeks!!!  I have to thank spinach and kale for their health benefits!

Additionally, I hate the texture of yogurt but I force myself to eat it because of the active cultures that are good for you...  And into my smoothie it goes, no more texture or force-feeding issues!!

I noticed that it takes me about 10 minutes to prepare my morning smoothie (including cleaning it) and when I'm running late, unfortunately, I can't spare 10 minutes.  So I came up with a make-ahead smoothie cup!
And you can't see it, but I made a 'nest' in the spinach and spooned yogurt in there too!!  Just dump it in with some ice and PRESTO, my smoothie is done!!  I've since learned that I can actually use an ice tray to freeze my yogurt- wayyy better idea!!

And as a side note, banana's make everything taste better!!  It mutes the bitterness of spinach and kale (oh heavenly!)

Here's some smoothie recipes that I make:
Handful of grapes
4-5 strawberries
Handful of spinach or Kale or both!
1 banana
1/3 cup yogurt
1 cup of ice

2 handfuls of frozen fruit (I buy a pre-mixed bag from Costco)
Handful of spinach or Kale or both!
1 banana
20 raw almonds
1/3 cup yogurt
(frozen fruit helps with the smoothie consistency)

Handful of spinach or Kale or both!
1 banana
8 baby carrots
20 raw almonds
1/3 cup yogurt
1/2 medium apple
(this one comes out more juicy and smoothie-like because of the apple juice)

It's quick, it's easy, it's healthy, it's delicious!  Happy blending!!


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