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our back yard project

We've always wanted to have a small house party, but felt overwhelmed with just 5 people in the living room.  In comes MY back yard project because I was tired of dust blowing into the house and staring at that ugly cinder block wall...not to mention that project that the previous owners started and never finished (see lower right hand corner of photo below).  Eric took ownership of wanting to decorate and 'spruce up' our living room, making it feel really homey and welcoming.  So MY project was the yard and my vision to make it less drab.  Our yard is teeny-tiny and fits right in with our 3 bedroom, 1200 sq. ft. house.  

Our friend had a landscaper do their back yard and he came highly recommended, so we went with them without question.  I wanted pavers, artificial grass and two trees/plants.  The landscaper recommended plants that crawl on the wall in effort to sooth my Issue with the cinder blocks...  I wasn't satisfied...  So I hunted and surfed the web for a week straight looking for some sort of solution...  The cheap option was to buy pre-made wooden fence sections from our local hardware store.  Then I found Cali Bamboo- my savior, the answer to my Issue and the most beautiful solution that made my heart happy! 

Cali Bamboo advertised that you could DIY or we could pay the contractor $250 to put up 4 sections of bamboo...  We opted DIY!  (I must mention that Cali Bamboo+ my landscaper was GREAT to work with and I recommend them!)

So I stained and treated one side of the bamboo (this will be the back) and also stained the treated 2"x4"s.  Then we mounted 2"x4"s to the wall with concrete self taping screws- this was the hardest part...

I had to order the 8'x8' bamboo sections because our wall was over 6' tall ...I've been wanting a circular saw since forever and this was the perfect 'excuse'!! So I cut the bamboo to our desired height.

Then section by section, we put the bamboo up! (this is 2 sections of bamboo)

...It wasn't easy, but it was worth every drop of sweat!  Our back yard is now an extension to our house, it really creates another 'room' or area to hang out!  Not to mention that it creates a little more privacy from our neighbors.

The boys absolutely LOVE the yard and they actually beg to go outside! (It's artificial grass because we live in a desert)

Here's the before and after panoramic shot:
It was a great experience and honestly came out just as I had envisioned it!  It has exceeded our expectations and we can happily say that we had 14 guests over and they were very comfortable spread out throughout the house!  xoxo!!

p.s. in retrospect, paying the extra $250 for a contractor to do it for us may have been worth it.... but the fact that Eric and I did this project together makes us love our home That much more!


  1. Looks amazing! I am also considering bamboo to cover an ugly chain link fence in my back yard. Can I ask you what you stained it with? The color is really pretty! Also, how is it holding up after a couple of years?

    1. Hey Sara! Thanks for stopping by!!

      Take a look at Cali Bamboo's website, they offer a handful of colors. We chose mahogany. We stain it with deck stain/waterproofing because there's no bamboo stain on the market.

      It's holding up great! The only (small) downside is that the color fades after about a year (in Vegas heat- not sure if it would be different elsewhere). But- wipe on the stain, wipe it off and it looks super fabulous! I LOVE my bamboo and wouldn't change it- ever!


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