Tuesday, October 15, 2013

bridal shower gift: wine glasses and a wine basket

Soooo, I'm in that age range that falls in the wedding, new baby, new house, new life category...  In comes the bachelorette parties, bridal showers and baby showers.  Seeing that I'm a massive commit-a-phobe, the thought of weddings and babies give me anxiety...  so it's just the perfect place to make me uncomfortable and antsy- happy happy happy [insert sarcasm]...

BUT that doesn't mean that I'm not a good gift-giver and an even better gift presenter!  I happen to love all things paper and given enough time to plan and prepare, love to make things pretty!

I've known about Judy's bachelorette weekend for some time now.  She has a great wedding registry selection and of course my eyes went straight to the Riedel Pinot Nior Wine Glasses.  Ohhh so many fun things I could do with this as a gift!   I recruited two other girls to pitch in for this gift because I wanted to make it super special.  Judy is the most wonderful person; someone I've grown up with, went through elementary, high school and our first year of college together.  Her friendship is priceless.

So I put together a gift basket that will pair perfectly with her wine glasses: a bottle of Pinot Nior, Vinturi Red Wine Aerator, Trader Joe's Organic Chocolate Bars, and a fun and funky wine marker set that looks like chewed up gum!  Placed it in a basket I found at Home Goods and wrapped it in cellophane and tied it with a butcher string that I braided.  I made an easy love bird quilled card (photo above).

The thing about Judy is that she is very green, earthly and eco-friendly.  So I knew that she would appreciate gift wrap that had a green-feel to it; hence the brown color theme.  (which will look out of place in the sea of wedding gift wrap-but whatevs!)

I think she'll appreciate the thought put into her gift and how pretty it looks.  I couldn't be happier for her and can't wait for her to tie the knot!  Congratulations Judy & Sam!

Judy and I (and Sam that I'm holding) at the Happiest Place on Earth, celebrating her big day! LOVE YOU!

***UPDATE*** I have a follow up to wrapping with lace!!  Click here  xoxo