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I doodle all the time.  Especially now that I have a toddler who loves to do everything fun, we draw a lot!!  I've never once thought "I can draw".  It's just doodles!!  But the Instant Pot Community on Facebook gave me an overwhelming response to my doodles and they made me up my game!

It's 10 common mistakes and reasons why your IP won't come to pressure.  I thought it would be fun to give to my family members who are getting an IP from Santa this year.  I realized that unboxing and thinking of giving the IP a try can be so intimidating and wanted it to be fun!

My first draft really is just that... So I thought I'll make it better! Cuter! And in drawing it for the 2nd time, it really made me realize that I CAN draw!  Call me crazy, but I now I know!

I have serious reservations giving you something that isn't up to my standards, but I realize I'm working under the time crunch of Christmas being right around the corner! HERE'S THE LINK to my f…